Thursday, May 28, 2009

iTunes : Download Movie Trailers with non-US iTunes account

We are all know that we cannot access music, movie, TV series - not even for free podcasts - via Indonesian iTunes Store. Only AppStore.

But at least we can access Movie Trailer page in Indonesian iTunes Store. You cannot access that page directly in the iTunes (the iTunes only gives you AppStore in its store).

Here's the trick. Go to
Click the link "Trailers in iTunes". It'll launch the iTunes and Movie Trailers page. There you can select any movie and download the trailers.

Just don't try to click any link in "iTunes STORE" box, it'll give you a warning box saying "The item you've requested is not currently available bla bla bla"


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

iPhone vs

I prefer instead of crappy useless in the iPhone.


Okay. It happens to me. I'm on the iPhone, in the middle of taking photo and want to upload it instantly via mail. No problem. Open Take photo. Close and open Choose the photo. Email it.

You can email photos without quiting &

But suddenly something else is happening and I need to take new photo. I can't! Because it's in the middle of emailing progress. I have to wait till it finish and jump to By the time it's emailed, the moment has gone.

Left, with camera icon. Right, without

With, you can take photo, email it and turn on the camera right in the middle of uploading progress. Just click the Camera icon on the top right screen. In, this icon is missing.

So is there anyway to delete this in my iPhone?