Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iPhone 4 Resmi Hadir di Kuwait

Akhirnya, ada juga operator lokal Kuwait yg mem-bundle paket resmi untuk iPhone. Kali ini adalah Viva dengan iPhone 4. Dengan paket yang relatif 'murah' untuk ukuran Kuwait, Viva menawarkan 3 jenis paket dengan kontrak 1 tahun.

Launchingnya pun kebetulan bersamaan dengan XL di Jakarta hari ini dengan paket lebih 'murah' dibanding Viva Kuwait :D

Buat perbandingan sekilas plan 3/premium iPhone 4 16GB:

  • Viva Kuwait: Rp 2100000 dengan bulanan Rp 780000, gratis telepon 1000 menit, data unlimited, SMS 300.
  • XL Jakarta (belum termasuk pajak): Rp 999000 dengan bulanan Rp 599000, gratis telepon 600 menit, data 4GB, SMS 600.

Paling tidak, paket Viva ini masih lebih murah dibanding paket tidak resmi dari operator lain, Zain, di bulan Desember 2010 menawarkan promo iPhone 4 seharga Rp 4790000 :D

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Review: Red Giant Movie Looks

The Process

There are 2 free categories with 8 effects in it: Quick & Essential. And 3 paid categories: Popular, Black & White and Blockbusters. Each $0.99.

Pick an effect to tweak the video look. There are only 2 simple slider: strength & brightness. Also an option for half & full resolution rendering.

A confirmation message before rendering with estimation time rendering. Sweet.

While it's rendering, there are some useful tips & information box to read for killing time.

When the iPhone receives an incoming call, the app suspends the rendering process. Then we can resume the process later. Awesome!
Problem is, this Suspend & Resume feature also occurs when we're inside the app & receive notification alert from other apps. Which is a bit annoying, since I have to resume manually everytime the notification appears.
"Stop mention me on Twitter, dude! I'm rendering!"

The Results

The effects are great. I usually get this kind of color on AfterEffects or Final Cut Pro. Now I can do 'Magic Bullet Looks' thingy on my iPhone.

Click to enlarge.

Though there are some compressed blocky artefacts especially in the dark areas, this app definitely leads us to next mobile video era: mobile color-grading.
Before: Nexvio CinemaFX. Now: Red Giant Movie Looks. Next: Boris Continuum?

Useful links:
- iPhoneography
- Red Giant

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Red Giant Invades iOS

Anyone who works with video post production service are familiar with Red Giant software. Their Magic Bullet Looks plug-in is amazing. Been using it on my FCP & AFX.

Now Red Giant releases apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. They just released 3 apps:

- Movie Looks: color grading app for video.

- Plastic Bullet: photography app with radical/extreme effects.

- Noir: photography app with dramatic black & white effects.

Haven't purchase the Movie Looks but there are some important points that I tweeted last night:
- Red Giant Movie Looks for iOS is available for $2.99.
- Suspend & resume to interrupt the render when take a phone call & return to where we left off. Nexvio CinemaFX's missing feature.
- The color are beautiful. Usually I can get this kind of color with Magic Bulllet Looks in FCP or AFX, but now on iPhone.
- Movie Looks does not yet support portrait movies.
- Movie Looks does not yet support more thant 120 seconds video.
- Though the color is great, you can see the 'damaged' artefacts on the jelly fish body.

Red Giant is here, time for proper color grading on iDevice?

note: none of these pictures & videos are mine

Friday, April 01, 2011

Video Review: Toca Tea Party

Kids are playing with Toca Tea Party. Suddenly the house becoming a picnic area!

Shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II (lens 50mm ƒ1.4) & iPhone 4.
Edited on Final Cut Pro.
Music arranged on GarageBand for iPad.

Responds from Toca Tea Party Teams

Got these awesome responds after we post our video review our video review about Toca Tea Party app.

@pinot your amazing video really lifted everyone's mood here at Toca Boca! So it's me who's bowing to you ;) (link)

Absolutely amazing video! RT @pinot: Picnic with Toca Tea Party app for iPad [video] http://bit.ly/gqzXpn cc @tocaboca (link)

@bjornjeffery @pinot @tocaboca Fantastic! (link)

Helt otroligt - det är en alltså en fan-video! RT @pinot: Picnic with Toca Tea Party app for iPad [video] http://bit.ly/gqzXpn cc @tocaboca (link)

Amazing to see that we make children smile :) RT @pinot: Picnic with Toca Tea Party app for iPad [video] http://t.co/WJb6TB (link)

Almost made this Play Designer cry :) @pinot: Picnic with Toca Tea Party app for iPad [video] http://t.co/3nEpPE8 cc @tocaboca (link)

@pinot We're all very happy in the office right now because of your video! (link)

@pinot Love your video! I'm proud to be part of @tocaboca :) Can we snailmail some presents to you? (link)

So sweet! Definitely Toca Boca team develop their app with their heart.