Saturday, October 22, 2011

WIRED 1997: 101 Ways To Save Apple

I was reading my old June 1997 WIRED issue on Apple condition lately. Some interesting points from the 101 ways how to save Apple.

1. (point 7) Don't disappear from the retail chains. Rent space in a computer store, flood it with Apple products (especially software), staff it with Apple salespeople, and display everything like you're a living, breathing company and not a remote, dusty concept.

   Apple Store. Done.

2. (point 10) Get a great image campaign. Let's get some branding (or rebranding) going on. Reproduce the "1984" spot with a 1997 accent.

   Think Different.

3. (point 25) Portables, portables, portables. Pick the best-of-breed Wintel in each of the portable categories and then better it. Wintel has a fantastic range.

   iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.

4. (point 31) Build a PDA that less than $250 that actually does: cellular email, channel TV, internet phone.

   iPod touch?

5. (point 34) Port the OS to the Intel platform.

   Done in 2005.

6. (point 44) Continue your research on voice recognition.


7. (point 49) Bring back Andy Hertzfeld.

   Google has him.

8. (point 65) Roll out he Mac Plus again as a hip retro machine.

   iMac. Done. But it's not a retro machine.

9. (point 70) Simplify your PC product line.

   Mobile & desktop. Consumer & Pro. Done.

10. (point 92) With each new Mac, include a CD-ROM that explains the Apple family tree & future plans.

   No need. Steve's keynotes explain everything.

11. (point 101) Don't worry. You'll survive. It's Netscape we should really worry about.

   Netscape? How about Safari?

Read more in WIRED here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Apple band

The Apple band. Before they lost their vocalist.

Now the high resolution digital file (3500 x 3700 pixel 72dpi) is available for download with US$7.5 US$5
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breaking News on Oct 5 2011

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs As Cover Story

Been collecting magazines with Steve Jobs as cover story. Here are some of them. I have to digging more in the garage back in Jakarta for another issues.

Fortune - January 2000

BusinessWeek - February 2004

Fortune - February 2005

iCreate - April 2005

Fortune - February 2008

Fortune - November 2008

Fortune - November 2009

TIME - April 2010

Fast Company - July 2010

WIRED UK - July 2011

 Newsweek - September 2011

Sorry, Tim. You guys were awesome that day.

Hours before Apple event, I was mocking on Twitter about the event & Tim Cook.

Cook "I.. I cannot do it."
Jobs "Listen. Look at my eyes. You. Can. Do. The. Keynote."
Cook "I don't know.."

Minutes before on stage, Tim Cook got message from the whole family "We support you. Our pray with you!"

"What do you expect on Apple's event tomorrow?"
"Smooth keynote from Tim Cook."

Apple event without Steve Jobs. Need more popcorn or sans-popcorn?

Cook on phone "Cannot sleep.."
Jobs "Relax. Just count those iOS apps jumping over the fence."
Cook "Too many"
Jobs "Right. webOS apps then"

Cook "Sorry.. I can't.."
Jobs "Dammit, Tim! Fine! I'll be on stage!"

But then..
Yet somehow, I sense chaos behind this Apple event.

I didn't know exactly about what.
I've been watching Apple keynotes for years and by reading the live blog & pictures, I sense something is not quite right.

Today, Steve Jobs passed away. Now I know it was not chaos back then. It was tension in that Apple Event. They knew that Steve Jobs, their dearest mentor, guru, father, friend was near to death. Yet they managed to continue the keynote without any significant glitch. Smooth.

I feel bad. Then I read Robert Scoble's in his Google+.

Dear Tim Cook.

I gave you a tough time today. I thought you didn't come up to some imaginary bar I held in my head. I didn't get why you didn't come out with bigger news. I didn't get why everyone in my network was telling me about the big things that were planned that didn't come out.

Now we know.

Today I feel guilty because I gave you a tough time about your first press conference. Now that I know what was going on behind the scenes I owe you an apology. I'm sorry, I owe you and your team one.

My heart is with you during this tough time.

So my apology to Tim Cook & team. You guys were awesome that day. It was the best farewell for Steve Jobs. And thanks for the iPhone 4S. The iPhone For Steve.

The First Time I Met Apple Macintosh

April 14, 1986 was the first time I met Apple Macintosh & fell in love the day after.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

iRIP Steve Jobs

1955 - 2011

"When Walt Disney died, the inspiration light was dimming that day. Then gone."
Now I can feel you, dad.

And Apple, you are just entering a new era. Brace yourself.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Trying The Final Cut Pro X Trial

Been using Avid, Final Cut & iMovie for years, my personal opinion about FCPX: it's a better & advanced iMovie. Handy for quick instant regular project like TV promotion, without sacrifying idea & quality. Even my 4GB RAM Mac mini can handle it so far. But still, Final Cut Pro X is for better (and newer) machine. Older machine better stay with Final Cut Pro 7.

The footages recorded on iPhone 4 with fish-eyed lens. Get the 30 days free trial here: