Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vimeo Goes Mobile With iPhone 4

Akhirnya Vimeo merelease aplikasi resminya di AppStore untuk iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4. Cukup lama para Vimean (panggilan untuk pengguna Vimeo) yang menggunakan iDevice menunggu Vimeo untuk sepenuhnya mendukung HTML5 sebagai alternatif selain Flash supaya bisa ditonton di Mobile Safari. Dan kini justru hadir native apps-nya untuk iPhone. Mari bersorak: yay!

Awalnya saya tidak menduga aplikasi Vimeo ini bakal dilengkapi feature editing. Sebelum kita upload ke Vimeo ternyata terdapat fasilitas untuk mengedit footage. Saya jabarkan secara garis besar mengenai fungsi penyuntingan videonya:

Nilai tambah:

  • Gratis!
  • Interface clean & simple. Mengingatkan pada interface dari Ableton Live.
  • Terdapat fungsi timeline zooming, membuat timeline bisa muat dalam satu layar iPhone. Pinch out untuk zoom in melihat timeline lebih detail.
  • Title memiliki track sendiri. Mempermudah kita untuk membuat beberapa subtitle dalam satu clip.
  • Audio adjustment.

Track tersendiri untuk TITLES. Bandingkan dengan iMovie yang TITLES-nya bergantung pada clip video.

Nilai kurang.

Hanya menyediakan 6 lagu & tidak bisa akses koleksi lagu dari iTunes Library

Tersedia efek video yang ala kadarnya
  • Tidak bisa akses iTunes Library. Aplikasi ini hanya menyediakan 6 lagu dalam audio librarynya.
  • Saving ke Camera Roll tidak ada pilihan kualitas rendering selain 720p.
  • Buggy & sluggish mulai dirasakan saat timeline melewati durasi 30 detik. Di iPhone 4 beberapa kali crash & last progress dari project tidak ter-save.
  • Tidak memiliki template graphic.
Saran saya, jika ingin menyunting video, gunakan iMovie for iPhone/iPad, render & upload ke Vimeo di dalam iMovie. Atau paling tidak tunggu hingga fitur penyuntingan ini lebih stabil.

Lepas dari fitur penyuntingan videonya, Vimeo app ini sangat bermanfaat buat pengguna Vimeo. Semua fungsi di website hampir semuanya terdapat dalam aplikasi ini. Preview, share, tags, comments kini bisa dilakukan secara mobile di iPhone.

View video, share, tags, comments etc di dalam iPhone

Share options.

My video library! Tanpa harus menjadi pengguna VimeoPlus.

Sebagai Vimean ber-iDevice, all-in-one app ini wajib adanya. And it's FREE!

Mencoba Vimeo app. Diedit & diupload dari app setelah crash 2 kali :D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Suprise from Viva & Digits

After 1 KD iPod Touch promo in February, now Viva & Digits has another offer: iPhone 4 16GB for only 1 KD. With 1 year contract 55KD/month package.

Just go to Digits Marina Mall/Al Kout Mall to Apply.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mac in Kuwait flea market

Today, we are doing junk-hunting in Friday market - a large flea market in Kuwait (used to open only at Friday (after Friday praying) & Saturday). My mission: looking for any Apple junks. Hopefully any Newtons.

Whoa, there are original bondi blue iMacs from 1998! Price: 30 Kuwait Dinar ($100) & 25 KD without keyboard. They say it's fully working & has latest OS 9 installed. Cool! Good product knowledge, you guys!

Next, I move to the other corner & I sense something. Something about Apple too. Yes! There's an old Macintosh PowerBook 170! The first generation of Apple PowerBook!

"How much is this?" I ask.
"Give me your best price." the seller replies.
"Umm.. 2 KD ($6)?"
"No. Too little. I give you 7 KD ($25)."
"No. That's too much. It has battery, has no power adapter & I think it's dead."
"Ok, 5 KD ($18)."
I show him my wallet with only 2 KD inside "Look, I only have 2 KD. Here, take it."
Then he grabs the money & gives me that historical PowerBook 170. Yay!

The condition? Though there's no battery & power adapter, physically looks relatively good. There are no cracks. Screen looks good, no LCD crack. Trackball feels smooth. Screws are there.

Too bad I can't find Newton though. Next time, Friday market. Next time!

At home, kids are playing with this 20 years old PowerBook

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Which Store Has iPad 2 in Stock? has iPad 2 in stock. [UPDATE: Now out of stock] is out of stock. Though I got unconfirmed information, they do have iPad 2 in limited stock.

Alghanim? Pre-order & wait for 2 weeks.

iCity claims they have iPad 2 in stock.

Electrozan now has iPad 2 with limited quantity for trade in program.

March 22nd today, has new status for the iPad 2: Out Of Stock.

March 24th today, iCity still has iPad 2 (in limited quantity) & posting this new picture in their Twitter.

The Falling Price of The Original iPad in Kuwait

Week ago was offering special prices for the original iPad (149KD for the 16GB WIFI).

Now, has another special good deal: 119KD ($429) for 16GB WIFI plus bonuses.

It's cheaper than the US price back in 2010 when we bought ours. But only in a limited time & limited quantity.

More info in Mark's blog.

Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY iPhone 4 Skin

Got the idea from MacRumors forum. And all we need is a clear backside iPhone 4 case like the one from Griffin.

Download the template here. Modify in Photoshop. Print. Cut. And we have Leica camera skin!

Best of all, now we have unlimited skins for our iPhone 4.

Finally, 2010 Price for Original iPad

Special offer from

Finally, we can get a $499 (+ tax) price for original iPad. A one year too late? Maybe.
But keep in mind that Kuwait has no official business with Cupertino (nor Apple Middle East - AFAIK), so this last year official price is still considered as a good bargain in Kuwait.

I got the 16GB wifi model back in the US last year for $530 ($499 + tax). So now Kuwait can get the same price, 1 year later. Price-wise, shall I wait another one year for iPad 2? :D

Artefact From The Past: MacAddict June 2002


9 years ago, when Palm was at war with Pocket PC, Apple didn't have any PDA devices. Instead, they built an MP3 player called iPod.
After the death of the Newton, people were hoping for another Apple PDA. iPod was their hope. According to this MacAddict cover edition, people want iPod with camera, video, music & PDAs features.

9 year later, PDA is already dead. And the iPad 2 is born, better than PDA, the iPDA.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

iMovie on Original iPad

When I heard that Apple finally release iMovie for iPad I was so freakin excited.
Then officially they ditch the compatibility for the original iPad. I was like... "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" (doing Anakin's scream for Padme - btw our iPad name is iPadme Amidala.)

So why does Apple ditch the original iPad from iMovie's love?

Jason Snell (Macworld):
I was able to install my sample copy on an original iPad and it seemed to work fine, though as projects got more complex it got a little sluggish. This may be one of those cases where Apple decided that if the product didn't worth smoothly and flawlessly on the original iPad, it wasn't worth supporting at all. (article link)
Sluggish? Really?
Trying to download the iMovie app to the original iPad, this is what I got:

Front facing camera? Really?

iTunes & AppStores are refusing to install the iMovie to my original iPad. This is pure evil!
Then I got this trick. The iMovie finally installed in my original iPad.

After import some footages from iPhone 4, then I begin to edit a short video.
Is it sluggish? Is it good?
It. Is. Beautiful!

iPhone 4 > Camera Connection Kit > iMovie on original iPad

It's only 30 seconds project but at least everything works relatively fine. Not snappy quicky perfect but everything is there. The audio waveforms are there. The scrubbing footages are there. The smooth transitions are there.
And best of all - been doing finger-editing on iMovie for iPhone for months - now I'm doing finger-editing on 10 inch screen!
It. Is. Beautiful!

iMovie isn't built for a long duration/complex/multi layered video editing project. It's only for fun, family video, video-blogging, online video. I think the original iPad is sufficient enough for that kind of task.

So again, why do you ditch original iPad from iMovie's love, Apple?

iPad 2 in Alghanim X-Cite

After we got iPad 2 launch day report from friends in San Fransisco & New York, we're going to Avenues mall for X-Cite's iPad 2 launch event.
At 14:00 they were preparing for tonight event. No crowds no lines. Only some Alghanim crews with iPad 2 t-shirt.

At 15:00 we're going home & I was just to sleepy to going back to Avenues mall at 22:00.

Later, I got these X-Cite's photos from the event at 22:30 (original photos by X-Cite Alghanim here).

Photo by X-Cite Alghanim

Photo by X-Cite Alghanim

Yay! Finally the iPad 2 has landed in Kuwait.
More story in Mark's blog.

Friday, March 11, 2011

iOS 4.3 Multitasking Gesture in My iPad

Here's how. Note: You need to register your iPad UDID to Apple developer program.

Another way to activate the Multitasking Gesture here (Gizmodo).

iPad 2 Day!

New York by Boy Avianto

West Village, 14th Street - New York.

San Fransisco by @galihwismoyo

Location Market Street, San Fransisco.

Click photos for original link.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

iMovie New Update 1.2

Testing the iMovie 1.2 on iPhone 4.

iPad 2 is Coming to Kuwait This Saturday

Al Ghanim, the biggest local electronic store in Kuwait is posting this teaser on their Facebook page. They have iPad 2 at Saturday night or a day after official launch in US Apple store at March 11. Price? Remain unknown.

"Booking starts from Saturday night 10:30pm."
Sounds they are expecting some long lines for the iPad 2. We'll see!

First batch: You'll get the iPad 2 after one or two weeks after booking it at Saturday.

16GB-WiFi Black/White KD199 (US$ 715)
32GB-WiFi Black/White KD249 (US$ 895)
64GB-WiFi Black/White KD289 (US$ 1038)

No further info with 3G models.
Currently, Smart Cover is not available.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Unofficial iPad 2 Price in Kuwait & Indonesia

Can't wait for the iPad 2? Here are 2 unofficial price info in Kuwait & Indonesia. - an unofficial Apple online store in Kuwait

Mailing-list group in Indonesia (photo by @wolwol)

Which one is cheaper? Kuwait! USD 826 (Rp 7200000) for iPad 2 32gb wifi.

XCite Alghanim iPad 2 price:

16GB-WiFi Black/White KD199 (Rp 6275000)
32GB-WiFi Black/White KD249 (Rp 7851000)
64GB-WiFi Black/White KD289 (Rp 9112000)
16GB-WiFi 3G Black/White KD259 (Rp 8166500)
32GB-WiFi 3G Black/White KD309 (Rp 9743095)
64GB-WiFi 3G Black/White KD349 (Rp 11005000)

note: 1 Kuwait Dinar = US$ 3.5 = Rp 31500

Monday, March 07, 2011

3 Days Before iPad 2 Arrival

Photo by: @galihwismoyo

Apple Flagship Store in San Fransisco, California

Apple Without Jony Ive

Apple without Jony Ive?

Without Jony Ive, the Apple design will return to the late 80s design? The Snow White design? (Photoshop-ed image)

Video Review: $29 Tele Lens for iPhone 4

Is The iPhone 4 Ready For Video Post Processing?

It depends.
If you're doing it for fun, video-blogging, you may force the iPhone 4 to do video post-processing.
If you're doing it for pro, record on the iPhone 4 then edit it on desktop (yes you can put 'semi' word before 'pro' ^_^)

2 reasons.

1. It's a phone.
Its main function is a communication device. Rendering a video can take forever on this device & some apps are not natively multiprocessing. Anticipate a phone call while rendering. A phone call means interrupted rendering process. Not to mention the battery life. Don't try to render your edited video while far from electricity outlet. "Sorry I can't get your call, my phone is still rendering & the battery is low."

Takes 30 mins to render this 45 seconds video. 30 mins without receiving any phone call :D

And since it's a phone, you have to get used to edit in a small multitouch screen with your finger. iMovie for iPhone is great, but keep in mind that from desktop to tiny multitouch screen is another learning curve: finger editing.

2. Quality matters.
Color-correction is a critical process in video post processing. Without proper compression method, the video file will be 'damaged' due to inappropriate lossy data compression algorithm.
For instance, CinemaFX for video is the coolest color-grading app for iPhone 4. Problem is, by default it compresses the video from the Camera Roll, means that you'll get a video with blocky compressed quality - not the original.

Don't expect some Sorenson, DV-Pal or any professional video compression codecs for iOS anytime soon.

Try watch the video in HD to see the comparison.

iMovie for iPhone on the other hand, is using H.264 compression, which is good enough for final video. But not good enough to do multiple post-procs.

Is it ready for video post-processing?
"Hello? I'm shooting a video right now with my iPhone. Can I call you back?"

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Oleh-oleh Dari Yerba Buena Center

Tampak depan gedung YBCA San Fransisco beberes untuk iPad 2 launching tgl 2 Maret nanti.

Di depan pintu masuk YBCA ada beberapa bendera warna warni berkibar. Masih ada hubungannya dengan 'colorful dots' di event Apple? Connecting the dots? Seperti yang selalu diucapkan Steve Jobs "Creativity is about connecting the dots"?
*spekulasi mode on*

Oleh-oleh dari @galihwismoyo (from Instagram)