Thursday, July 29, 2010

iPad Camera Connection Kit

Some points about this kit:
- iPad automatically opens when the kit plugged (with SD card in it) in to the iPad.
- Before import, we can see the small thumbnails of photo & video, but we cannot zoom it (pinch out) for bigger preview.
- Not all video format can be imported directly to the In our test, we can import recorded video with Photo JPEG codec (from Nikon Coolpix P1) but not H.264 codec (from Canon EOS 500D).

- We can plug our Canon EOS 500D via USB & the reads images in the memory card.
- We can plug USB Flash disk to the kit & the detects images inside DCIM folder.
- We can plug USB card reader to the kit & the detects images from any kind of memory cards.
- We can plug the iPhone via USB & the reads images from iPhone Camera Roll.
- We can plug self-powered portable hard drives (note: flash drives & portable hard drives may not work as it relies for the USB adapter for power)

More review about iPad Camera Connection Kit,15716.html

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