Sunday, February 15, 2009

Using the iDisk file sharing feature in iPhone

Till now, there are no single app for using the long-promised iDisk file sharing feature in the iPhone. Even from Apple itself. But since I got this trick, there is a hope to use this feature.

Fire up the

Type :

Insert your iDisk username in [yourname] and the filename [filename]


Click the 'MAIL' icon to launch

That's it. You're ready to send the URL of the shared file.

Everytime you need to share the iDisk file, just repeat the step and change the filename.

This trick has some major hassles though :
- You have to remember the file name that you want to share. You can download the free version to view to iDisk folders on the go.
- There is no copy paste. Your brain is your clipboard. So, keep the file name simple and easy to remember.
- You can only share files from your iDisk Public folder *bummer*

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Thierry said...


Does this still work for you?
It seems Apple changed the URL a bit.

See my comment on my blog:


Beta said...

Thanks for shared. I will use iDisk.