Thursday, December 03, 2009

AfterTweets: Twitter in Disguise

We are all know that there's an application called SpreadTweet, so we can tweeting in disguise, as if we're working on a spreadsheet project.

But, for motion graphic designer like me, it's a bit odd to have a spreadsheet on our Mac monitor. The boss will get suspicious and ask me "What the hell you're doing with spreadsheet???"

So what if there's a script for AfterEffects that enables me to keep tweeting inside the application itself, disguised in a fake timeline window.

Right. This is a regular AfterEffects application. But look at the left side of timeline window & click this image below to see the detail.

(click to enlarge)

Yes! It's a Twitter in disguise. The Twitter timeline disguised as layers in regular AfterEffects. Every tweet have options like Reply, ReTweet etc. And each tabs contain our followers tweet.

I'm no script programmer, but wouldn't it sweet if we have this kind of script, AfterTweets script ^_^


-goenrock- said...

Berharap ada yg bikin, siap2 daftar jadi beta tester =))

@fallingup79 said...

Good stuff!

sodazot said...

Ha-ha! it is very interesting solution!

Anonymous said...

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