Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Comparison: iPhone 2G/3G Video Recorder

While Apple is no longer giving total support on 2G & 3G iPhone, some developers actually still give supports by providing new capabilities in this 1-2 year old product: video recording. Only in a matter of days, there are already 5 to 6 video recording applications for iPhone 2G/3G in the AppStore, including Qik VideoCamera that released today.

But how about the ability & quality of these apps when handling video recording task in the old device? Here's a quick comparison from 4 apps I consider the best plus 1 from Cydia (jailbroken iPhone).

Qik VideoCamera ($0.99) (link iTunes & website)
iVidCam (free & $0.99) (link iTunes & website)
iVideoCamera ($0.99) (link iTunes & website)
ShowTime ($0.99) (link iTunes & website)
VideoRecorder3 ($19.95) (link website)


Qik Video Camera
Pro: Better frame rate, save to Camera Roll, H.264 compression
Cons: Portrait recording only

Pro: Biggest frame size, 10x digital zoom, free version is available
Cons: Only upload to YouTube

Pro: Upload to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, email & save to Camera Roll
Cons: Smallest frame size, limited recording time

Pro: 5x digital zoom, share via email
Cons: Portrait recording only

Pro: Upload to YouTube & email, best frame rate, MPEG4 compression
Cons: Expensive, only for jailbroken iPhone

Go get one, give your old iPhone another chance to reveal its true ability.

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