Saturday, March 12, 2011

iPad 2 in Alghanim X-Cite

After we got iPad 2 launch day report from friends in San Fransisco & New York, we're going to Avenues mall for X-Cite's iPad 2 launch event.
At 14:00 they were preparing for tonight event. No crowds no lines. Only some Alghanim crews with iPad 2 t-shirt.

At 15:00 we're going home & I was just to sleepy to going back to Avenues mall at 22:00.

Later, I got these X-Cite's photos from the event at 22:30 (original photos by X-Cite Alghanim here).

Photo by X-Cite Alghanim

Photo by X-Cite Alghanim

Yay! Finally the iPad 2 has landed in Kuwait.
More story in Mark's blog.

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