Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mac in Kuwait flea market

Today, we are doing junk-hunting in Friday market - a large flea market in Kuwait (used to open only at Friday (after Friday praying) & Saturday). My mission: looking for any Apple junks. Hopefully any Newtons.

Whoa, there are original bondi blue iMacs from 1998! Price: 30 Kuwait Dinar ($100) & 25 KD without keyboard. They say it's fully working & has latest OS 9 installed. Cool! Good product knowledge, you guys!

Next, I move to the other corner & I sense something. Something about Apple too. Yes! There's an old Macintosh PowerBook 170! The first generation of Apple PowerBook!

"How much is this?" I ask.
"Give me your best price." the seller replies.
"Umm.. 2 KD ($6)?"
"No. Too little. I give you 7 KD ($25)."
"No. That's too much. It has battery, has no power adapter & I think it's dead."
"Ok, 5 KD ($18)."
I show him my wallet with only 2 KD inside "Look, I only have 2 KD. Here, take it."
Then he grabs the money & gives me that historical PowerBook 170. Yay!

The condition? Though there's no battery & power adapter, physically looks relatively good. There are no cracks. Screen looks good, no LCD crack. Trackball feels smooth. Screws are there.

Too bad I can't find Newton though. Next time, Friday market. Next time!

At home, kids are playing with this 20 years old PowerBook

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