Monday, June 13, 2011

Testing the iOS 5 beta 1

iPhone 4
Good news:

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• "Connect to iTunes" still exist at the first setup. Even the MobileMe still exist in this pre-iCloud era.

• 'iPod' is gone. Now changed to Music app & Videos app.

• Green bubble chat: SMS. Blue bubble chat: iMessage.

• Yay! Free rotation editing in

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• After created an iCloud account in the iPhone, it appears in And also in Contacts: All iCloud. for iPhone crashes. The developer are working on a fix already. New update of PhotoSync 1.2 now working.

• Double click the home button for the camera icon in the lock screen.

• You can tweet your photo from Photos app without Twitter app installed. Though there's no sending-progress indicator so you won't know if it sent or failed.

• Notification Center doesn't interupt Nike+ GPS in indoor mode.

Bad news:

• iMessage cannot send video file. :-/

• Unprecission keypad. Tap "T" but typed "R" or "Y" instead.

• Video library is not accessible for other app, incl. Tumblr. (pic)

• Twitter, iMovie etc can access the video library but cannot process the file. (pic) If you want to share video, you can upload it from > Share > Email. I can upload video file via email to twitvid.

• Ergonomically, using volume button as camera button is not convenient. The other fingers keep blocking the lens.

• BlogPress fails to upload blog.

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• iBooks is buggy.

• Photo Stream synced after more than 10 minutes. And not all the photos are streamed.

• Problem with email sharing from Takes forever to send for a 200kb photo.


• There's no Weather & Stock in Notifications setting.

• Home Sharing's podcast tab is missing in But I can watch video podcast shared from Home Sharing in, not in

• The Notification Center UI is too tiny for iPad. Waiting for the 'HD' interface.

Overall: there's no turning back to iOS 4! :)


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