Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Review: Red Giant Movie Looks

The Process

There are 2 free categories with 8 effects in it: Quick & Essential. And 3 paid categories: Popular, Black & White and Blockbusters. Each $0.99.

Pick an effect to tweak the video look. There are only 2 simple slider: strength & brightness. Also an option for half & full resolution rendering.

A confirmation message before rendering with estimation time rendering. Sweet.

While it's rendering, there are some useful tips & information box to read for killing time.

When the iPhone receives an incoming call, the app suspends the rendering process. Then we can resume the process later. Awesome!
Problem is, this Suspend & Resume feature also occurs when we're inside the app & receive notification alert from other apps. Which is a bit annoying, since I have to resume manually everytime the notification appears.
"Stop mention me on Twitter, dude! I'm rendering!"

The Results

The effects are great. I usually get this kind of color on AfterEffects or Final Cut Pro. Now I can do 'Magic Bullet Looks' thingy on my iPhone.

Click to enlarge.

Though there are some compressed blocky artefacts especially in the dark areas, this app definitely leads us to next mobile video era: mobile color-grading.
Before: Nexvio CinemaFX. Now: Red Giant Movie Looks. Next: Boris Continuum?

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