Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Red Giant Invades iOS

Anyone who works with video post production service are familiar with Red Giant software. Their Magic Bullet Looks plug-in is amazing. Been using it on my FCP & AFX.

Now Red Giant releases apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. They just released 3 apps:

- Movie Looks: color grading app for video.

- Plastic Bullet: photography app with radical/extreme effects.

- Noir: photography app with dramatic black & white effects.

Haven't purchase the Movie Looks but there are some important points that I tweeted last night:
- Red Giant Movie Looks for iOS is available for $2.99.
- Suspend & resume to interrupt the render when take a phone call & return to where we left off. Nexvio CinemaFX's missing feature.
- The color are beautiful. Usually I can get this kind of color with Magic Bulllet Looks in FCP or AFX, but now on iPhone.
- Movie Looks does not yet support portrait movies.
- Movie Looks does not yet support more thant 120 seconds video.
- Though the color is great, you can see the 'damaged' artefacts on the jelly fish body.

Red Giant is here, time for proper color grading on iDevice?

note: none of these pictures & videos are mine

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