Monday, July 14, 2008

Exodus : Palm to iPhone


Been attracted by Newton for years. Been using PalmOS for almost 8 years. And now, iPhone is here, with thousand promising applications. I think, the next era of Apple PDA is coming. And it's not just PDA, but Smartphone.

Should I abandon my Palm Clie PEG UX50 -- keep it in the drawer and sell it at eBay 20 years later, it may worth selling at million -- and grab the iPhone totally, for good?

In my Palm, I always using three main applications for years :
- ThoughtManager : thought & idea records
- DayNotez : personal journal
- SplashMoney : financial records

If I jump to the iPhone, I have to migrate these apps and the datas from the Palm. At least one apps available for iPhone : SplashMoney. It's in the AppStore and the desktop apps will be coming soon -- sync with Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch. So I don't have to migrate one by one for the finance data. Just sync my Palm, Mac, iPhone and it's there.

But the other two apps -- the developers have not updated their software since 2 - 3 years ago :P -- currently has no sign of coming at the AppStore in the future. It seems that I have to convert the datas for the iPhone apps *sigh*

In the mean time, maybe it's better for me to wait. And give my Palm another chance to live.. a bit longer :)

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